How a centaur sells guilt-free pizza

Who: Dr. Oetker (Momenti brand) with Giants & Gentlemen, OMD for media, editing by Saints, VFX by Darling and production by Someplace Nice (directed by Pete Henderson).

What: New advertising for the frozen pizza brand that Momenti.

When & Where: The ad was released last month and has been running as :15s across TV and online, as well as six-second ads on YouTube and social.

Why: The objective is to communicate that Momenti pizza tastes great while also being good for you: under 450 calories, with no artificial colours or flavours. “We have the best of both worlds, so we thought why not merge two totally different worlds,” said Natalie Armata, co-founder, chief creative officer of Giants & Gentlemen.

The added challenge is that lots of brands focus on similar claims about healthy eating, particularly at this time of year. The agency needed a way to cut through the clutter in order to capture attention and deliver that “have it all” message.

How: A half-man, half-horse of course. The ad actually contains multiple dichotomies to deliver the “two great things in one’ message: a happy, confident woman enjoying her pizza guilt-free as her doting centaur boyfriend looks on; the real world and the mythical; and a man and horse. “The best of both worlds, 100% taste, zero compromise,” says the voiceover.

The agency considered other mythical creatures before ultimately deciding on the centaur, said Armata. “We liked how charming and ‘boyfriend-like’ he could be.”

Did the client balk at a centaur? “We presented quite a few fantastical characters, and we all landed on the centaur,” said Armata. The juxtaposition of the two characters is tempered by the boyfriend’s nonchalance. “Our director described their relationship as any other boyfriend/girlfriend relationship,” said Armata.

And we quote: “While having a centaur in the spot is certainly attention-grabbing, it does make creative and strategic sense within the campaign: opposite worlds coming together.” —  Natalie Armata, co-founder, chief creative officer, Giants & Gentlemen

David Brown