Consonant’s Valentine’s campaign for self love

Who: Consonant Skin+Care, with Zulu Alpha Kilo.

What: A campaign called “Go Love Yourself.” You know all those overly sweet Valentine’s campaigns about “romance,” and couples celebrating (proving?) their love? Yeah, this is not that. This about self love for women.

When & Where: The campaign has been running through Consonant’s social channels, and a special underwear line will be available at its “Self Love Shop.”

Why: Consonant Skin+Care relaunched its brand in the fall, with a positioning that emphasizes holistic skin care health through wellness. Part of that wellness message is about how masturbation can contribute to healthier skin.

The platform’s self love plank is extra relevant this Valentine’s Day, when self isolation and social distancing is so important. Consonant says woman should celebrate Valentine’s Day on their own, with “self gifting, self dating, self pleasure and self love.”

How: Consonant Skin+Care launched a “Self Love Lingerie” collaboration with Fortnight Lingerie that includes a hidden message about the importance of self love. Consonant has been running “GoLoveYourself” posts on social, with tips and information about self love, and also brought back its previously sold-out “Come+Glow Kit,” which includes skin masks and a sex toy,. It also hosted a virtual event with Holt Renfrew about the skin benefits of masturbation.

And we quote: “There’s been a growing movement of women buying their own lingerie. [T]his partnership was a way to create something that celebrates buying for yourself something that was usually seen as a gift from or for a partner at this time of year.” — Heather Segal, group strategy director, Zulu Alpha Kilo

David Brown