Dairy Farmers focus on milk’s 15 nutrients

Who: Dairy Farmers of Ontario, with No Fixed Address, OPC, School Editing, Alter Ego, Feather Studio and Vapour Music.

What: A new wave of advertising for the organization’s “What can’t milk do?” positioning, first introduced in 2019. The new campaign is focused on highlighting how milk can help with everything from building muscles to ensuring teeth and bone health.

When & Where: The campaign is running across TV, accompanied by digital video and social cut-downs. There are also three radio spots running on Spotify’s free tier, as well as a revamped landing page for WhatCantMilkDo.com.

Why: It’s part of DFO’s ongoing efforts to fight misconceptions about milk amid declining consumption. According to statistics aggregator Statista, milk consumption in Canada hit a new low of approximately 65.9 litres per capita in 2018, a decrease of almost 20 litres per capita since 2004.

How: While previous work in the campaign has focused on milk’s versatility as an ingredient, this work is specifically focused on milk’s 15 essential nutrients and what they can do for consumersfrom protein’s ability to build muscles, phosphorous helping with teeth and bone health, zinc’s ability to help maintain healthy skin, and riboflavin helping with energy metabolism.

According to No Fixed Address, the 30-second hero spot is one of the first in Canada to use what it describes as “state-of-the art LED immersion technology.”

Producer Kristen Neamtz said that LED screens are pre-loaded with either found video footage or pre-shot footage to create the illusion that the shoot is taking place in the actual environment (see picture, right).

The foreground is a staged set blended with lighting and props to simulate the environment. The technology replaces the green screen technology that requires what Neamtz described as intensive post-production work to make the environment seem believable.

“Without this new approach to production it would have been difficult to capture the same look and feel we established with the platform,” said No Fixed Address’s chief creative officer Dave Federico. “The ‘What Can’t Milk Do?’ style is highly dynamic and contemporary, and through the work of the integrated campaign we can expand deeper on the nutritional information presented in the spot in an engaging way.”

And we quote: “The beauty of the ‘What Can’t Milk Do?’ platform is that it has just as much inherent versatility as milk,” said CMO Rosa Checchia, who joined DFO from Parmalat late last year. “In past campaigns we have explored the moments it plays a starring role in our lives to its endless versatility. Now the nutritional benefits that high-quality Ontario dairy milk provides has a chance to be showcased front and centre.”

Chris Powell