nabs introduces new mental health service for ad industry

Nabs has introduced new mental health support for those working in advertising, marketing and media in Canada at a time when many professionals are struggling with the emotional strain of the pandemic.

Togetherall is described as a 24/7 online peer-to-peer mental health community, meaning people can talk and share openly and anonymously. It is moderated by registered practitioners who can facilitate interactions and keep members safe. The service is available now in English, with a French version scheduled to launch in the fall.

“Togetherall provides an anonymous, open and creative space for people to share and gain support from their community of peers, who are experiencing similar worries, doubts, fears and questions,” said nabs executive director Jay Bertram.

The site is designed to help users feel less alone, and like they are part of a community of people coping with similar issues (see the video below). Users can get information about depression and anxiety and how to cope with it, for example, and can also access tools and services, or connect with others coping with similar issues. People can set goals and track progress, take a course to learn from others, and share tips and suggestions.

“As the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic quickly approaches its one-year anniversary, people in our industry are increasingly relying on nabs mental health services to help them navigate the unique and often changing impacts on their mental health,” said Louise Berube, director of allocations and services at nabs.

While nabs offers a number of support programs and services, including the LifeSpeak digital wellness platform, wellness webinars and a support-line offering professional counselling, it introduced the new service for those seeking an alternative that included private and anonymous support from people experiencing similar issues.

“We are all in the same storm, in very different boats, and while our circumstances may be different, our inner experiences tend to converge,” said Berube. “Given this, we wanted to provide our nabs community a safe space designed to provide social support through the sharing of their converging experiences.”

Launched in the U.K. in 2007, Togetherall now operates in Canada, New Zealand and the U.S., providing service to more than 50 million people and 250 organizations. Usage has increased by more than 100% in the last year, with many users saying they have shared a feeling or thought for the first time on Togetherall.

David Brown