PinkCherry celebrates asset appreciation during tax season

Adult novelty retailer PinkCherry is back with a new wave of cheeky, innuendo-filled advertising that uses what just might be the most unsexy thing ever as a backdrop: personal finances.

The creative insight behind the latest campaign from The Local Collective is that people are bombarded with ads around their investment portfolio and taxes at this time of year, but need to be reminded to focus on personal investments like their sexual wellness.

Consisting of billboard and radio ads, the “Invest in yourself” campaign is running in both Canada and the U.S., with ads appearing on CNN, Fox News and The Howard Stern Radio Show.

The creative uses a series of sexual puns to play off common finance/investing expressions, with billboard ads mimicking stock art images accompanied by phrases like “increase your personal liquidity” and “You’ll love the after hours trading.”

A pair of radio ads, “Mutual fun” and “Get investing,” use not-so-subtle sexual innuendo to drive to and promote two sex toy products.

In “Get investing,” a woman uses the word “investing” as a euphemism for masturbation, relaying how her mom would always shut it down and say it wasn’t for her whenever she brought it up.

“I could never fully put my finger on it, and it made me feel alone, in the dark,” she says, before noting how PinkCherry’s investment tools ensure that she always comes first, while its  experts help her understand the value of her liquid assets.

“Mutual fun,” meanwhile, features a man and woman debating the merits of “investing” in PinkCherry, with the man worrying about getting “fingered for insider trading” only to be assured by his wife that “we don’t have to go all-in” (both ads below).

“With all the stock market talk this time of year, we felt like there was an opportunity to really remind people that they should focus on personal investments in themselves, and we’re here to help,” said PinkCherry CEO Daniel Freedman. “No matter what you’re looking for, PinkCherry has one of the biggest assortments of health and sexual wellness products in North America.”

PinkCherry made international headlines in 2019 with a billboard campaign developed with sex toy manufacturer Wow Tech that featured an image of the latter’s female sex toy, the Womanizer, accompanied by the message “Scream your own name.” It followed that up with its first-ever TV campaign last year.

“COVID has created a new lens through which people are evaluating what’s important to them,” said The Local Collective founder and chief creative officer Matt Litzinger. “So, we thought we could have some fun with that.”

And don’t forget the batteries. After all, you don’t want to get stuck with non-operating assets.

Chris Powell