Interac launches brand platform inspired by a life-changing pandemic

Who: Interac with Zulu Alpha Kilo for strategy and creative, and Media Experts for media.

What: “InLife,” a new brand platform about living an Interac Life, where, thanks to the payment processing company, people can make the kinds of big changes so many have contemplated during the pandemic knowing they have control of their money.

When & Where: The campaign focuses on younger tech-savvy consumers, and is live now across TV, online, social (including a TikTok takeover) and with influencers.

Why: “We are living through an important moment in history where people are re-examining what brings them joy: health, family and control over life are concepts that have taken on new meaning,” said William Keliehor, chief commercial officer at Interac, in a release.

Rather than simply being the go-to brand that people use without thinking whenever they pay with their bank card, Interac wants to become more strongly connected to new life experiences.

“Interac is looking to build an emotional connection with consumers to go beyond being seen as a purely functional transactional brand,” said Wain Choi, executive creative director at Zulu Alpha Kilo. “While there aren’t many competitors in the debit space specifically—other than Visa Debit—we do compete in general with other credit/payment brands for ‘share of wallet.'”

The InLife platform is meant to increase that share of wallet by showing how Interac enables people to live a full life with rich experiences while remaining in control of their money.

How: The campaign is launching with two ads showing women who have embraced their life passions, aided by Interac. In “VanLife,” the main character has quit a corporate job to do freelance work, while hitting the road and living in her van with her dog. “I pay with what I have, or what I make working along the way. I’m in control of what I do, and what I spend,” she says.

The other spot, “VintageLife,” shows a woman who restores and sells vintage furniture. She’s grateful for the safe, contactless payments made through e-Transfer. “Interac’s e-Transfer is a key opportunity for growth,” said Choi. “As well the platform is meant to set up Interac for future success as we grow our offering beyond payment solutions.”

In both ads, the larger message is the same: “The campaign is inspiring people to live life on their own terms and within their means,” said Choi. “When people do what they love with their own money, life is simpler and they feel more joyful, free, and independent.”

“After this challenging year, Canadians see themselves depicted in the new brand, creating meaningful experiences and embracing simplicities that help them get more out of life,” said Andrea Danovitch, associate vice-president, marketing and brand at Interac, in the release. “Interac wants to continue to be the intersection point for enabling these life experiences.”

And we quote: “Since the onset of COVID-19 in Canada our focus at Interac has been on enabling and empowering millions of different payment experiences for Canadians and supporting businesses’ and consumers’ accelerated use of digital payments. Our new brand reflects the shared experiences and seamless digital moments that allowed us to build a deeper emotional connection with Canadians.” —William Keliehor, chief commercial officer at Interac.

David Brown