Belairdirect’s damaged house went for a song

Who: Belairdirect with Sid Lee. Production by Ruffian (directed by The Bobbsey Twins from Homicide) post-production by Saints Editorial, Embassy VFX, Alter Ego and Fort York VFX. Audio by Vapor RMW and BLVD, with media by PHD Montreal.

What: “Pretty Home,” a new campaign for Belairdirect’s home insurance product that builds on last year’s “Pretty Car” campaign for its auto insurance product.

When & Where: The campaign launched last week, running across TV in Ontario, Quebec and Alberta. It’s being supported by OOH and online, including audio ads on Spotify, as well as social ads and web banners.

Why: The campaign continues Belairdirect’s shift away from the more promotional approach that has characterized its marketing in the past. According to Belairdirect, the ad demonstrates the happiness arising from “having confidence in your insurance company,” and how fast and easy it is to submit and track a claim.

Marie-Pierre Leclerc, Belairdirect’s vice-president, marketing and digital strategy, said that the goal with its marketing is to create memorable and engaging ad placements that drive home the company’s “insurance simplified” brand positioning. “Pretty Car” had a positive impact with the intended audience, said Leclerc, which is why the company is building on that campaign.

How: Like last year’s campaign, “Pretty Home” takes a musical-inspired approach, once again using West Side Story‘s  “I Feel Pretty” to tell the story of a Belairdirect customer whose home has been damaged by a falling tree, but is quickly restored to its former beauty with help from her insurance provider. The creative replaces last year’s singing cars with a singing home, with couches, rugs and lamps all joining the choir.

And we quote: “When things go wrong, Belairdirect will make them right. We want to simplify people’s lives in a moment that can seem complicated. The continuation of the Pretty campaign with ‘Pretty Home’ showcases how fast and easy it is to file a claim through a few simple touches on the mobile app.” — Marie-Pierre Leclerc, vice-president, marketing and digital strategy, Belairdirect


Chris Powell