Can BP’s napkin alleviate mealtime stress?

The idea for a new (and very much on-brand) promotion for its new BP Meal Deals literally landed in Boston Pizza’s lap.

The same chain that brought Canadians Pizza in Bed, a mini Pizza Patio Set, and singing boxes to promote a Christmas Pizza featuring a turkey dinner on top, is back with another endearingly goofy product.

Developed with agency partner John St., BP’s three-pound “Weighed napkins” was inspired by the weighted blankets that have become a popular item in recent years. Designed to mimic a form of therapy known as deep pressure stimulation, weighted blankets are said to help with everything from anxiety to insomnia. Canadian sales alone are pegged at around $30 million a year.

“We saw a lot of tension around mealtime. What to eat? Will they like that? Will they like me? Too much stress,” said John St. creative director Cam Boyd. “But with a BP Meal Deal and this innovative BP Weighted Napkin, people can ease tension from the lap outward.”

BP is making a limited run of Weighted Napkins, along with five $100 gift cards, available exclusively via a social media contest. Beginning today, Canadians commenting on an Instagram post by tagging a “Meal Deal Person” will be eligible to win.

“We invented the Weighted Napkin with Meal Deal People in mind,” said BP’s vice-president of marketing, James Kawalecki. “We know meal planning can be stressful, so the Weighted Napkin and our new Meal Deals are intended to help lower the stress.”

Chris Powell