B.C. Cancer Foundation’s ballsy new ribbon

The B.C. Cancer Foundation’s new cancer awareness ribbon is nuts. No really. To raise awareness for Testicular Cancer Month, the organization has launched a new twist on the familiar cancer ribbon, which has become one of the most recognizable symbols of the fight against the disease since its introduction in the early 1990s.

Developed with agency partner Rethink, the so-called “Ballsy Ribbon” takes the familiar ribbon symbol, doubles it, and turns it upside down to resemble a pair of testicles.

“We want to make testicles top of mind during Testicular Cancer Awareness Month and encourage young men to perform self checks at home,” said Sarah Roth, president and CEO of the B.C. Cancer Foundation.

Donations can be made directly at BallsyRibbon.ca, while the ribbons are also being sold at London Drugs locations across B.C.

According to Testicular Cancer Canada, testicle cancer is the most common solid tumour in men aged 15 to 35, but also among the most treatable when caught early. The organization says that one in 250 men will get this form of cancer in their lifetime.

Awareness of testicular cancer remains low, but it is one of the most treatable forms if it is detected early, with a 99.6% survival rate. The B.C. Cancer Foundation is one of the world’s leading centres for testicular cancer treatment.

“Breasts get ribbons, why not balls?” said Hans Thiessen, partner and creative director of design at Rethink. “Testicular Cancer Awareness Month is the perfect time to create a new icon for this often ignored cancer.” And once the month is over, you may want to store it in your junk drawer.

Chris Powell