CMIM and Publicis give classical music icons a 21st Century update

Who: Concours music international de Montréal (CMIM)/ and Publicis Montréal.

What: “Classical in tune with the times,” a campaign promoting the elite-level international competition for classical musicians, now in its 19th year.

When & Where: The campaign is running through this week, promoting the finals of the annual event. It’s comprised of social video, as well as posters, web banners, social media executions and promotional items.

Why: The event usually takes place at Montreal’s Bourgie Hall and Place des Arts, but is being held virtually this year because of the pandemic. The creative drives Montrealers to, where they can watch the finals for free.

How: The campaign is built around three icons of classical music—Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach—who have been given a contemporary update by international artist Dalkhafine.

The campaign is anchored by a vibrant animated video that places Mozart in a contemporary setting, complete with modern-day attire like jeans and sneakers and nods to modern-era pop figures like Michael Jackson (whose famous tiptoe dance pose is briefly referenced). The spot shows Mozart strolling past Montreal landmarks such as Olympic Stadium, and is soundtracked by a version of the musician’s famed Symphony No. 25.

The other campaign elements add to the concept, with images of the famed icons holding modern-day technology such as a cassette walkman, a handheld keyboard and an iPad. “Contrary to what one might think, classical music is as relevant and appreciated as ever!” said Mélissa Charland, associate creative director at Publicis.

And we quote: “The 2021 edition was an opportunity for the CMIM to think outside the box and reach out to new audiences in other ways. Publicis’ dynamism made it possible.” —Chantal Poulin, interim director of communications, CMIM

Chris Powell