CMA unveils best practices for privacy protection

The Canadian Marketing Association and Global Data and Marketing Alliance have published a new framework to help marketers though the fast-changing and often controversial world of privacy.

The Global Privacy Principles are meant to provide best practice guidance to improve existing self-regulatory privacy initiatives and codes. In the preamble to the framework document, GDMA describes them as “aspirational commitments for organizations, governments, and people to cultivate a trusted and successful commercial ecosystem.”

“The CMA worked with other GDMA members to develop an ethical framework that businesses can adopt to demonstrate their commitment to enhancing data privacy standards—no matter where they are in the world,” said CMA president and CEO John Wiltshire.

The framework includes seven distinct principles:

  • Value privacy;
  • Be clear and transparent;
  • Respect the individual’s preferences;
  • Process personal data ethically;
  • Take responsibility;
  • Keep personal data secure; and
  • Be accountable.

The CMA said its research has shown that “a strong majority” of Canadians will share personal data “to receive benefits” if their data is being properly protected.

The new privacy framework comes as Ottawa considers changes to privacy legislation in Canada. Bill C-11, or  the Digital Charter Implementation Act, is intended to give consumers more control of their personal data while still fostering innovation for businesses.

“With key amendments, Bill C-11 provides a balanced approach to update consumer privacy laws and secure Canadian businesses a competitive economic position in the global digital economy,” said Sara Clodman, vice-president of public affairs and thought leadership at the CMA.

Photo by Joshua Aragon on Unsplash

David Brown