A Bublé surprise from SodaStream Canada

Who: SodaStream Canada, with an inter-agency team including Edelman Canada (which led the drop-in activation and earned media efforts), The Garden Collective (which oversaw the launch strategy and developed a mix of adapted and new creative), OMD (media) and Praxis (which was responsible for channel strategy, a gifting campaign).

What: “Bublé Drop-Ins,” a campaign promoting the Canadian launch of its flavoured Bubly Drops that saw the product’s (sort-of) namesake and spokesperson, Canadian singer Michael Bublé, unexpectedly drop in on Zoom calls.

When & Where: The campaign was developed to promote the May 6 launch of Bubly Drops in Canada. The “drop-ins” are part of a broader campaign around the launch that includes influencer marketing, digital promotions, paid social, earned media and online video.

Why: “SodaStream and Bubly Drops are both fun brands with a similar cheeky sense of humour, so it totally makes sense that we would partner. We saw it as an ideal fit,” said Kyle Millar, head of marketing for SodaStream International.

The campaign is designed to create awareness of the variety of flavours available with SodaStream and raise the profile of its flavoured sparkling water offering, he said. “More and more people are drinking flavoured sparkling water, and we know new flavours are a great incentive for people considering having a SodaStream maker at home.”

How: The company developed a shortlist of online meetings that Bublé could drop-in on, including business meetings, a cooking class, a mom’s group, a fitness class, a surprise birthday party and a municipal town meeting. “We sought opportunities that Canadians would find relatable, given our ‘new normal’ of virtual gatherings,” said Millar.

Once the shortlist was developed, SodaStream approached organizers to help coordinate the drop-in in secret. Bublé was shot at a Vancouver studio, and dropped into meetings at pivotal moments to surprise attendees. The company also worked with ET Canada to create a surprise drop-in with entertainer Jann Arden as she was being interviewed.

And we quote: “We wanted a fun, surprising campaign to announce the arrival of Bubly Drops in Canada, something that would promote smiles during a time that’s been challenging for a lot of people, and something that had the cheeky, light-hearted approach both brands are known for. Just as adding Bubly Drops to SodaStream sparkling water provides a refreshing twist to a daily routine, Michael Bublé ‘dropping in’ on surprised Canadians helps add some sparkle to their day.” — Kyle Millar, head of marketing, SodaStream International

Chris Powell