CMA and AMA Toronto team up to help young marketers

Two of the country’s leading industry associations have teamed up to collaborate on mentoring and development programs for the next generation of marketing leaders.

The Canadian Marketing Association and AMA Toronto, part of the American Marketing Association, will promote complementary programs intended for entry- and mid-level marketing professionals, with discounts and cross-promotional opportunities offered to members and young marketers in each association.

“Everything we do is really centred around developing leadership potential,” said Miglena Nikolova, president of AMA Toronto. As a member of the CMA, Nikolova saw first-hand how the organizations’ programming was different but also complementary.

Partnering with the CMA will lead to greater awareness and accessibility to programs for both associations, she said.

Specifically, AMA Toronto’s Career Accelerator is a one-on-one mentoring program, while the CMA has created an entire development program around the Chartered Marketer designation and CMA NXT, a large library of instructional marketing content.

“We’re going to create awareness about those two CMA programs. And in this way provide further opportunities for our professionals to learn and consider them as part of their professional development,” said Nikolova.

“At the same time they have a lot of marketers who are already visiting the CMA NXT portal. It’s a lot of great video content but it is passive content. And there is an opportunity for some of these marketers to take that to the next level and actually engage in a structured mentoring relationship.”

“Our collaboration enhances our ability to support marketers at various stages of their careers, deepen their knowledge and strengthen their career paths,” said CMA president and CEO John Wiltshire in a release announcing the new collaboration. “This aligns with the CMA’s strategy to work with a variety of organizations in Canada to embolden marketers to make a powerful impact on business.”

Photo: Headway on Unsplash

David Brown