BC Dairy introduces a new logo, the ‘Barton’

Who: BC Dairy Association (BC Dairy), with Taxi Vancouver.

What: A new brand identity for the dairy group that also includes a new campaign spot called “It’s Ready.” The new visual identity replaces BC Dairy’s longstanding corporate logo and the consumer-facing BC Milk identifier used primarily for marketing purposes. “The intent was to [create] something that could represent all aspects of our association in a simple, clear way,” said BC Dairy’s director of marketing, Jennifer Woron.

When & Where: The new logo will appear across various BC Dairy touch-points, from communications with farmers and industry stakeholders, to marketing-communications. The accompanying video is running across TV, online video and social through July 26.

Why: Woron said that the rebrand is about “localizing” dairy in B.C., while also presenting a “clear, consistent brand” image for the organization.

The accompanying spot, meanwhile, points to a brighter post-Covid future, with extended families all gathered together for a meal.

How: The core of the new visual identity is a hybrid of a barn and a milk carton, two crucial elements of the dairy sector. Taxi nicknamed the new visual identity the “Barton” (a portmanteau of the words “barn” and “carton”). “We really felt it communicated [the concept of] dairy and all the things it represents: the farmers, the milk and all of the different dairy products that are made locally,” said Woron. “It made a really strong connection to both B.C. and dairy.”

The accompanying 30-second spot suggests that mealtimes are the one constant even during times of crisis, with an opening voiceover that says “it doesn’t matter what’s going on in the world,” mealtimes are a foundational aspect of our daily lives. The creative features voices calling people (including a B.C. Dairy Farmer named Lorna) to dinner in various languages, with a release describing it as representing “the universal love of coming together for good food and good company.” The spot concludes with families gathered around a table and shows the new logo alongside the Dairy Farmers of Canada’s blue cow logo.

“We know that dairy plays an important role in meals, whether it’s drinking a glass of milk or creating recipes,” said Woron. “As we’re coming out of Covid, the idea of showing people coming together around a table… felt like a natural fit, with the right tone and fit, for right now.”

And we quote: “We wanted to create something that would ‘hero’ the milk and the farmer. We’re lucky in B.C. to have such dedicated family farmers on our doorstep, providing us with quality dairy. That’s where the logo came in—a nod to the shared values and  local nature of our milk.” — James Sadler, executive creative director, Taxi Vancouver

Chris Powell