Stuck in traffic? Heinz has got you covered

Traffic jam? More like traffic ketchup. Kraft Heinz Canada has partnered with the navigation app Waze and Burger King on a new promotion that will reward drivers stuck in traffic and moving at the speed of Heinz Ketchup (or about 0.045 kilometres per hour).

Developed by agency partner Rethink, the “Heinz Bottleneck” once again plays off the fact that Heinz Ketchup is a notoriously slow-pouring condiment. It has previously explored the idea in last year’s successful slow jigsaw puzzle, and this year’s slow-loading website.

Through Waze, Heinz will identify drivers crawling along in traffic and serve them ads featuring redemption details for a free bottle of ketchup and an Impossible Whopper from Burger King. The promotion launches today and runs through July 4.

It’s yet another example of Heinz leveraging the slow pour as a key brand asset, a tactic that Daniel Gotlib, associate director of branding building and innovation at Kraft Heinz Canada, said has been important in reaching its core target.

“We’ve seen great success driving engagement with our target by tapping into our iconic slow-pouring ketchup, said Gotlib. “Our fans know, good things take time, and are worth waiting for,  especially when it’s Heinz Ketchup topping a burger, hot dog or plate of fries.”

The media buy from Carat includes online video featuring user-generated content from Canadians stuck in traffic (see it below), as well as targeted social, and digital out-of-home that displays relevant messaging whenever traffic slows.

There is also an influencer component, with Heinz working with 40 micro-influencers across the country to create awareness. When stuck in traffic, the influencers will be sharing the free ketchup and Impossible Whopper offer with their followers. PR for the campaign was handled by The Colony Project.

And when the traffic on your city’s most notorious stretch of highway becomes too much, maybe driving at an angle is the solution.

Chris Powell