This Harry Rosen shirt is made for Zoom-ing

Harry Rosen has introduced a button-down shirt that lets wearers choose between multiple patterns—from polka dots and bananas to a roiling ocean. It might sound like a technological marvel, but Harry’s amazing technicolour dream shirt comes with a catch: It only works on Zoom calls.

Just in time for Father’s Day, the upscale menswear retailer has launched what it’s calling the “Green Screen Shirt,” a cotton button-down that comes in a shade it describes as “green screen green,” allowing users to project whatever colour or pattern they want onto their torso using Zoom’s green screen option.

The shirt comes with a series of downloadable patterns, ranging from prints like cars and bananas to geometric shapes. Wearers can also choose a pattern of their own, with Harry Rosen describing it as “the most versatile shirt ever.”

Developed by Zulu Alpha Kilo, the “Green Screen Shirt” is part of the retailer’s “Set the tone” platform, stemming from its founding principle of helping men dress their best to feel confident in any situation.

Harry Rosen is giving away 20 of the shirts via Instagram. It feels a little reminiscent of the famous “Diamond Shreddies” campaign from a few years ago, in that it’s simply a clever (albeit fun) rebranding of an existing product.

Consumers themselves seem similarly perplexed, with reactions on Instagram ranging from “This is both ridiculous and amazing” to “I’m waiting for this to be an April fool’s joke… but it’s just… real??”

To be fair, I said exactly the same thing when I saw a $380 pair of printed swim trunks listed as one of Harry Rosen’s suggested Father’s Day gifts. Sorry Harry, but that’s just way too much green for me.

Chris Powell