With Elizabeth Banks, Archer Roose literally gets a pitch perfect spokesperson

—Move over Ryan Reynolds. The Hollywood star is a brash delight in new ads for the wine in a can brand, says Craig Redmond. — 

We’ve all marvelled at the entrepreneurial juggernaut that is Ryan Reynolds. The business tycoon, client marketer, ad agency leader and pitchman/panda has made our collective heads twirl with a run of successes that would make even Midas a little touchy.

It was only a matter of time before another celebrity would polish their tap shoes and attempt to step into that same one-man band spotlight of commercial, self-fulfilling prophecy. Or should I say, one-woman-band.

Tired of the limited opportunities afforded her by a misogynistic Hollywood system, Elizabeth Banks founded Brownstone Productions way back in 2002. And after producing, starring in, and/or directing a long list of big Hollywood films (including Pitch Perfect and Charlie’s Angels), Banks began to script her own enterprising destiny.

In a recent interview with Forbes, she gave a nod to Ryan Reynolds with just a smidge of inspirational envy (“I mean, I’m always jealous of Ryan Reynolds”).

But by no means is she emerging from the shadow cast by her contemporary’s glow. Instead, she is illuminating her own path, in keeping with the fight for business equality that she began nearly 20 years ago.

When she was asked to consider a role as the spokesperson for a novel new wine product called Archer Roose, Banks did her research. She was not only intrigued by the immense potential of the democratization of wine, she was also equally taken with the story of its founder Marian Leitner and her goals for production and packaging sustainability.

So, Elizabeth Banks agreed to become the hilariously brash front-woman for the “wine in a can” brand. But only if she could also buy half of the company.

The result? An outrageously funny spot. Instant credibility for a product that might at first make you question your own wine pomposity. And another brick in Banks’ business empire that could rival any Maximum Effort.

Not to mention a winking shot over Reynold’s bow halfway through: “A celebrity beverage endorsement? That’s so cliché.”

Look out Ryan 😉

Craig Redmond is a creative leader with Palmer Stamnes and Co, an independent family of marketing communication companies.