J.P. Wiser’s provides a second shot at missed celebrations

Who: J.P. Wiser’s, with No Fixed Address for strategy and creative, Havas for media.

What: “Second Shot,” an ad campaign built around the idea that the Corby-owned whisky brand can help recreate some of the special moments that people missed out on because of the pandemic.

When & Where: The campaign began June 28, with TV advertising running until July 25, supported by PR and influencer outreach, and an Instagram-based contest offering a chance for others to get a second shot.

Why: J.P. Wiser’s was looking to tap into a cultural moment that authentically aligns with its belief in the importance of human connection. And right now, the most dominant cultural force is life with Covid—and, more optimistically, the pursuit of the kinds of joyful moments postponed by the health crisis.

NFA proposed giving consumers a “second shot” to reconnect with those kept socially distant and to enjoy some of the moments missed in the last year-plus.

“J.P Wiser’s had already laid the groundwork… to have a strong point of view on friendship, and as the brand expands its audience, we had an opportunity to tap into a cultural truth rooted in a topic J.P Wiser’s was already known for: Bonding moments with friends,” said Dave Federico, chief creative officer at NFA. “We tapped into the relatable truth that every Canadian has missed important moments of bonding and friendship in their life due to the Covid-19 pandemic…but that those moments should have another chance.” 

How: Over two days, NFA and J.P. Wiser’s recreated missed moments for a handful of Canadians at the famed Madison Avenue Pub in Toronto. There was a citizenship ceremony, a doctoral grad ceremony, a recreational hockey league championship celebration, and a bachelor party. Content captured from those celebrations was used in TV and video ads.

“J.P Wiser’s audience are people whose family and friends are of the utmost importance to them,” said Federico. “These people, more than anyone, felt the effects of being disconnected from loved ones. Seeing these real Canadians getting a second shot at reconnecting and celebrating major missed moments with their friends and family sheds light on the shared experience of our target consumer.”

People can also follow @jpwisers on Instagram for a chance to celebrate their own “second shot,” and influencers are also being used to spread the campaign messaging and promote the chance to win a second shot at a missed celebration on Instagram.

And we quote: “We wanted to do more than simply just make another branded television spot. With the Second Shot campaign, our goal was to tap into these real stories to showcase to Canadians that they aren’t alone and even though they have missed important moments they should celebrate them now that it is safe to-do so.” —Maria Sweeney, brand director, whisky, J.P Wiser’s Canada. “



David Brown