MADD delivers a tragic message in a bottle

Who: Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) with Rethink and Carat for media.

What: “Bottles,” a new awareness campaign that delivers MADD’s core message—impaired driving kills—in an evocative way.

When & Where: Running on TV and in print now.

Why: According to a recent survey conduced by Ipsos for MADD, 10% of respondents have knowingly driven while impaired in the last six months.

MADD wants to reach the many Canadians who have increased their alcohol and cannabis consumption to help cope with the effects of the pandemic: One-quarter of Canadians 35-54 reported an increase in drinking, and one-half of cannabis users increased consumption during the first wave of the pandemic.

How: Rethink is calling this an “art directional homage” to a message in a bottle: Handmade crash models inside various alcohol bottle shapes, conveying the message that what is inside the bottles can be deadly for those who drink and drive.

Each ad opens on a closeup of a damaged car before the camera zooms out through the mouth of the bottle, revealing a full crash scene inside. The models were shot with a robotic arm, single-take style, by photographer Adrian Armstrong, with Wingman providing the special effects.

And we quote: “People know that driving under the influence is dangerous and illegal, and they risk it anyway. It will not matter that you didn’t feel impaired or didn’t have far to go if you cause a crash that kills or injures someone.” — Jaymie-Lyne Hancock, national president MADD Canada

David Brown