Onlia’s safety obsession reminder as people hit the road for summer

Who: Onlia and its in-house marketing team for strategy and creative, with support from Re:word Content Co. and By The Booth. Media by Media Experts.

What: New advertising on the brand’s “Safety Obsessed” platform, with an updated message about returning to the road after spending so many months close to home.

When & Where: The new advertising includes digital banners and online video, as well as social posts, broadcast TV and ads running at drive-in theatres, complemented by a drive-in contest.

Why: Onlia believes that with so many people venturing out in ways that were mostly disallowed during the past 16 months, road trips and car travel will be up this summer. The creative reinforces the brand’s safe driving message, while also promoting next-day coverage for last-minute trips.

“Insurance becomes top of mind during life’s great milestones, like getting your licence, buying a first home, or upgrading your car. This year, there’s also a connection to freedom,” said Julia Stein, Onlia’s senior marketing communications lead.

How: While the tone is similar to the earlier campaign created by DDB, this one was created in-house with some creative partners. The characters are still slightly offbeat, but in a more realistic setting than in previous creative.

“By carrying over their charm and playfulness, we were able to imagine a world that still feels unique to Onlia,” said Daniel Tablas, creative lead at Onlia. “To solidify our brand recognition, we maintained the distinct magenta and blue hues that differentiate Onlia in the category and reinforce our position as an innovative and modern insurance provider.”

“To fit a real-world setting, we toned down the quirkiness of the situations and characters to match a less stylized environment,” Stein told The Message. “We enjoyed the ability to explore the Onlia world in a more realistic setting.”

The drive-in contest was launched after Onlia discovered increased consumer searches for drive-in locations. It will award weekly tickets to theatres in London, Barrie, Newmarket, Hamilton and Oakville.

“Auto insurance has always been a passport to freedom. That takes on new meaning this year,” said Stein. “After so much time shuttered inside, enjoying a movie in the safety of your car is a great way to spend a summer night.”

And we quote: “We still have other ‘Safety Obsessed’ hero creative in market, but we wanted to do something outside and take advantage of the outdoors, capitalizing on what’s happening in real life. Being able to shoot outside enabled us to be seasonally and contextually relevant, encouraging a return to the road.” — Julia Stein, senior marketing communications, Onlia

David Brown