The Message partners with Blue Ant Plus to launch ‘The Message in a Vodcast’

Later this week, The Message will introduce a new recurring content feature made possible thanks to a partnership with award-winning branded content studio Blue Ant Plus.

“The Message in a Vodcast” is the realization of a longstanding goal of The Message—to become a multi-media brand.

Every couple of weeks, we’ll publish a new vodcast revealing a little more about recent stories from across the industry that are important to us and why, while at the same time having some pop culture media fun.

“We are so happy and excited to be launching ‘The Message in a Vodcast,’ and equally happy to be working with Blue Ant Plus,” said Libby Begg, The Message publisher and one of the co-hosts of the new vodcast.

Owned and operated by Blue Ant Media, Blue Ant Plus is a standalone, full-service studio, producing branded content entertainment for nationally and globally recognized agencies and clients. Since launching in 2017, its many projects have ranged from video, audio and written content, to design, branding, influencer programs and social media.

“Blue Ant Plus has been building its name and gaining momentum for its breakthrough short- and long-form digital content,” said Begg. “They were an obvious first choice for us to help launch this great new chapter for The Message.”

“Partnering with The Message to produce their vodcast is such a great opportunity for us to get in front of their growing audience. We’ve been following them closely since their launch, and we admire the fresh voice and perspective they bring to the Canadian advertising industry,” said Toni Rufo, head of client services for Blue Ant Plus.

Aside from introducing more video and audio content to our platform, we realized that if we want our community to share more about who they are beyond their job title, we could open up a little more about us: Who we are, what matters to us, what we think is the best and weirdest story taking our time and attention, but also, for example, who is the biggest star on TikTok and how much they earn (a topic in vodcast #1).

“The Message in a Vodcast” will present some of the story behind the stories we publish every day on our site.

“The vodcast format is an exciting medium to help build The Message‘s profile in the digital space and supercharge their growth,” said Rufo. “Our team of storytellers at Blue Ant Plus have lots of ideas and we’re thrilled to help bring it to life.”

“The Message in a Vodcast” will be published on our site every couple of weeks, with our first episode out this Thursday.  

David Brown