Pedigree answers the question ‘Why was this dog up for adoption?’

—It’s hard to imagine why anyone would put their dog up for adoption, says Craig Redmond. But BBDO came up with some heartwarming reasons why, as imagined through the loving eyes of children—

There was the time she snatched an entire muffin from a passing toddler’s hand and swallowed it whole in a single bite—traumatizing the little girl, and enraging her father.

There was the time I took her to the office on a Saturday and tied her to a desk while I went to grab a coffee, only to return to find her in our office lobby with the desk still attached and a trail of cubicle debris and toppled desktop computers in her wake.

Then there was the time my account director pal Lorri babysat her for the weekend, and she repaid the kindness by turning Lorri’s book about the Dalai Lama into a tortured chew toy. A karmic crime she may now be regretting in her eternal afterlife.

There were a thousand more “times” with our Jada Bear before she gave a final sigh in my trembling hands nearly three years ago, and I fell, sobbing, into the comforting arms of her veterinarian.

But despite her life’s work of crazy, we never once considered giving her up for adoption. We loved that dumb beast with every shred of our being. And how could we possibly imagine derailing the life of an unsuspecting adopter with the locomotive mayhem of the Jada Train?

Which brings me to this inspired campaign from BBDO on behalf of Pedigree and its mission to promote the adoption of rescue dogs.

It addresses what is probably biggest barrier to pet adoption—the great unknown. What’s the story behind the previous owner, and why did they give up their dog in the first place?

It does so brilliantly, by explaining those stories through the rosy lensed eyes of a child’s indomitably loving spirit and boundless imagination. Lovely.

This is for you Miss J. Our own greatest dog in the world.

I hope you’re enjoying your walks with the Dalai Lamas and not feasting on their angel-winged sandals.



Craig Redmond is a Creative Leader with Palmer Stamnes and Co, an independent family of marketing communication companies.