ICBC introduces the ‘Make it Home’ advisor

Who: ICBC with PSDDB for creative with Holiday Films, GGRP Sound and Cycle Media. Media by iProspect.

What: A new impaired driving awareness campaign.

When & Where: The campaign broke last week and runs through mid-August using a combination of digital video and audio. It has a primary target of men 25-34, and a secondary target of men 35-44. There is a 70-second anchor spot, supported by a series of 15-second cutdowns.

Why: The goal is to remind drivers to plan ahead for a safe ride home when going out for the night. According to ICBC, citing police data, 67 people are killed and 1,600 injured in impaired driving related crashes every year in B.C., with 40% of those crashes occurring during the summer months.

How: The creative plays off the idea of personal advisors by introducing Emily, the first—and so far only—”make it home” advisor. “The ride home is the big finale to the evening,” she explains. “I make it magical. And memorable. For those who still have the capacity to remember.”

Shot in a fly-on-the-wall documentary style, the video shows a clipboard-toting Emily cheerfully creating a make-it-home plan with young clients. She discusses things like the mode of transportation (“I kind of like the bus for you,” she tells one client), the signature scent for the ride (which nets out on “elk musk”) and whether they want to have shawarma or a pizza slice before the cab ride home (the client’s preference is for wings, which leads Emily to note they’ll need “moist towelettes and a hose”).


Chris Powell