In an imperfect life, everyone needs an ‘Oasis

Who: A. Lassonde’s Oasis brand, with lg2 for branding, strategy and creative,

What: “Find your Oasis,” an integrated ad campaign that complements a new look and feel for the decades-old Canadian brand, which includes restructuring its product portfolio and new packaging.

When & Where: The ad campaign is in market now and includes video (online and TV) and out-of-home. The TV buy will run through the September back-to-school period in French and English.

Why: With the category getting crowded and consumer tastes changing, Lassonde wanted to “redefine” its flagship juice line to drive new growth. It chose lg2 to “challenge the marketing status quo,” while retaining those brand elements that made Oasis a popular choice with many Canadian families.

“Oasis is a rich Canadian brand. We had to respect its assets and highlight its pertinence in the current market,” said Marc-André Fafard, vice-president of design at lg2.

How (Design): Lg2 started by reducing the product lineup from 10 sub-brands to four, with clearly articulated benefits to consumers. The agency also came up with modern simplified packaging with fruit, product claims and information more clearly visible on pack. “Updating the Oasis brand’s ecosystem meant unifying the entire portfolio by drawing on the brand’s heritage while giving a distinct personality to the individual lines, which each have a specific target consumer,” said Fafard.

How (Advertising): With the new packaging and branding appearing on store shelves at the beginning of summer, the next step was the ad campaign. The creative includes digital and out-of-home, but the anchor is good old-fashioned TV to reach a mass audience with the first branding campaign in years.

The creative features Oasis juices in everyday moments, with a 60-second video ad showing a series of slice-of-life moments, from happy to sad, with Oasis always there for celebrations or commiserations.

“Our creative and strategic approach allows A. Lassonde to stand apart from the competition through the emotional connection we feel when celebrating life’s daily pleasures with Oasis,” said Fafard.

And we quote: “With this brand refresh, our main goal was to celebrate life’s small pleasures. ‘Find your Oasis’ activates the strong emotional chord that has tied Quebec and Canadian consumers to the brand for several decades.” — Marlène Hins, vice-president of marketing and innovation, A. Lassonde.

David Brown