Unifor targets Conservative leader Erin O’Toole in pre-election attack ad

The Federal election hasn’t even been called yet, but an early attack ad from private sector union Unifor has already hit the airwaves, taking direct aim at Conservative leader Erin O’Toole.

The 30-second spot, in both English and French, is presented like an archetypical TV ad for a pick-up truck—though the featured truck is old, battered and badly rusted.

The voiceover explains that the “next model of Conservative is here. Meet the 2021 O’Toole, ready to steer Canada in the wrong direction.”

The “O’Toole” is literally falling apart as it races across rugged backroads, while the voiceover evokes big corporations, threats of health care cuts, and Alberta Premier Jason Kenney. When it finally skids to a halt, the “O’Toole” nameplate falls away to reveal “Harper.”

“New name, same old Conservative,” concludes the VO.

“Canadian voters won’t be fooled by a new name on the bumper,” said Unifor’s national president, Jerry Dias, in a release. “We know exactly where Conservative policies will take us—more cuts and more money to big corporations, while working Canadians are left behind.”

The union said the ad is “only the first step” in its plans for the election, which is expected to be held later this summer or early fall (Unifor did not immediately respond to The Message‘s request for information about any agency involvement in the ad).

The ad is running on major networks and on a special website, 2021otoole.ca. The union said it will also be running social media advertising and “engaging with members about election issues, and targeted get-out-the-vote campaigns in key ridings where members make up a substantial portion of the electorate.”

David Brown