Kellogg masterbrand campaign reminds consumers about the importance of breakfast

Who: Kellogg Canada with Leo Burnett for strategy and creative, and Starcom Mediavest Group for media.

What: “We’re for Breakfast,” a new masterbrand platform for the cereal giant—its first in 10 years—that reminds consumers about the importance of breakfast.

When & Where: The campaign began Aug. 2, running as video across TV and online, along with in-store and on-pack promotions. Additional creative and on-pack messaging will roll out over the course of the year.

Why: The campaign is built around the insight that while many people believe breakfast is important, more than 41% of consumers don’t eat it every day. “We’re on a mission to get the country to rediscover the value in a nutritious start to the day, by celebrating everything a Kellogg’s breakfast can do and the important role it plays in nourishing people’s days,” said Christine Jakovcic, vice-president, marketing and nutrition at Kellogg Canada, in a release.

The masterbrand campaign tells consumers that Kellogg offers a number of different cereal options in four key nutritional categories: High fibre or protein, whole grains, and low sugar.

“It halos all the brands, halos the category, gets people back into breakfast cereals again. It was kind of losing its place in modern life, and I think the brand feels it’s still very important,” said Steve Persico, co-chief creative officer at Leo Burnett.

“The company in itself is a brand, and it’s a chance to have a voice or point of view on the world that will connect with people.”

How: Two 15-second video ads use a fast-paced montage of people enjoying their cereal, followed by others tackling their daily challenges with energy and enthusiasm.

The voiceover explains the nutritional benefits of Kelloggs cereals in those four nutritional categories. One ad focuses on high fibre and low sugar: “We’re for awesome mornings, helping to fuel awesome days,” it says. The other focuses on high protein and whole grains: “We’re for a start to the day that helps set the tone for everything that comes after.”

“We went back to the research, and this idea that breakfast just wasn’t what it used to be,” said Persico. “We’re trying to own breakfast again, or remind people of the importance of breakfast at the start to the day that is going to make for a better day, that was the goal there.”

The spots’ four hero brands—Special K, Mini Wheats, Rice Krispies and Vector—all have their own campaigns in market, added Mandy Eaton, vice-president and group account director at Leo Burnett. “It is a bit of a category play… making sure that people understand the importance of cereal and what cereal can bring at breakfast.”

David Brown