Vodcast episode #3: how RBC won at the Olympics; the story behind butter tart vodka

The third episode of “The Message in a Vodcast” is live now, and we’re delighted to say that our little vodcast has become a viral hit (it’s all our parents can talk about).

For those of you who aren’t our parents, or haven’t watched the first two episodes, in each episode of “The Message in a Vodcast,” we chat about the most intriguing stories from Canadian marketing and advertising, and then talk pop culture trivia.

This week, David Brown explained why he thought RBC was one of the big Canadian brand winners during the Olympics, while Chris Powell talks about his favourite “dadfluencer” Stuart Reynolds (aka Brittlestar), who just launched a line of butter tart flavoured vodka called S&G—which stands for Sex and Gold.

Then we conclude with Libby Begg trying to stump the guys with a few questions about the entertainment industry’s latest billionaire.

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David Brown