Rogers has a solution for ‘analysis paralysis’

Who: Rogers Communications, with Theo for creative, OPC for production, Tendril for VFX and Grayson Matthews for audio.

What: “The Maze,” a new campaign promoting the telco’s Ignite Entertainment service, including Ignite TV and the integrated voice command service Ignite SmartStream.

When & Where: The campaign is in market now, running through the end of the year across TV, radio, out-of-home and digital.

Why: The campaign is positioning Ignite Entertainment as a solution for the abundance of choice that is a hallmark of the modern TV viewing experience. The inability to find something suitable to watch has been variously dubbed “the Netflix effect” and “analysis paralysis.”

How: Using a combination of live action and effects, the spot focuses on a woman attempting to navigate through a literal maze of choices when it comes to the family viewing experience. It features callouts to popular movies like The Shining, with the woman’s daughters appearing and flatly intoning “You’re not looking in the right app, mom.” Another scene shows a woman sinking into a couch that resembles the sunken place from Get Out, imploring her to “pick something, already.”

The spot concludes with the woman finally finding her way through the maze to a Rogers red room, where she finds an Ignite TV remote and offers a voice command to “Show me something epic.”

And we quote: “We know trying to find something to watch can often feel like a maze with the number of choices available; it is time consuming, confusing and ultimately quite frustrating for people, all at a time when consumers just want to relax and escape. With our new campaign we are showcasing Rogers Ignite TV and Ignite SmartStream as delivering a superior entertainment experience that seamlessly brings together the best content available—all in one place.” — Simone Lumsden, SVP & chief marketing officer, Rogers Communications

Chris Powell