Newfoundland’s Dairy Farmers show the big impact of 2% more

Who: Dairy Farmers of Newfoundland and Labrador, with Ray Agency for creative.

What: “Give it 2% More,” a campaign positioning milk as a simple, healthy choice and a big difference maker in consumers’ lives.

When & Where: The campaign launched Sept. 1 and runs until Dec. 1 on digital and social media, out-of-home, radio and in-store.

Why: DFNL says the campaign is inspired by the difficult and uncertain times of the past year-and-a-half, with a message that milk and dairy is an easy way to get a nutritious boost during your day.

“In a world full of uncertainties, one thing that has stayed true is the quality of the milk produced in our province. Milk produced and processed in Newfoundland and Labrador is something we can always rely on,” said DFNL general manager John Moores in a release.

But DFNL said this is also about “shifting consumer priorities and lifestyles.” Canadian dairy associations have been working hard (through efforts such as this, this and this) to connect with younger consumers, who have been quick to embrace the many dairy alternatives that have proliferated in recent years.

Verging on absurdist, the offbeat advertising seems specifically designed to break through with younger consumers.

How: The campaign uses 2% as a “shorthand for all milk,” with the idea that 2% more can make a huge difference. The creative concept was to show “fun and easy ways” people can easily add milk to their life and how the nutritious benefits can give people a boost.

The video ads include one man seemingly pulling off a fake moustache (although he has a real one underneath) and dunking it in a glass of milk like a cookie. In another ad, a man sits in a kiddie pool filled with milk, pours in cereal and then eats it (we told you it was verging on absurdist).

The campaign website,, includes recipes for meals, smoothies and cookies, while the retail element with Saputo and Agropur will include in-store promotions, couponing and recipe ideas. “We want local milk to be accessible to everyone, which is why we worked with Saputo and Agropur on in-store promotion.” said Moores.

And we quote: “We understand that consumers are tired, and that sometimes even giving the bare minimum can feel overwhelming, which is why we want to remind them that milk is an easy, healthy choice and a household staple that is always readily available,” —John Moores, general manager of DFNL in a release.

David Brown