CREA shows how realtors can help make a house a home

Who: Canadian Real Estate Association with Union for strategy, creative and media, production by Skin and Bones (directed by Pekka Hara), with post-production by School Editing, The Vanity and TA2.

What: A campaign targeting first-time home buyers with the message that professional realtors can help them find what they want in a home.

When & Where: The campaign is in market now, with a focus on TV and online (including TikTok and Spotify).

Why: The Canadian housing market provides some, let’s say unique, challenges these days. Meanwhile, new players such as online brokers have also entered the game. CREA wants to emphasize that its realtors possess the knowledge, dedication and expertise needed to help people find what they are looking for, and understand that buying a home can be an emotional undertaking.

“When we say a realtor has your back, we mean that they really understand what you’re looking for,” said Adam Thur, executive creative director at Union, in a release. “This campaign brings the emotion of buying a home to life.”

How: The creative shows homeowners looking at houses with a realtor, while the vision for their future home “magically” comes to life around them. In the anchor spot, a young couple see the height markings of growing children emerge on a door frame, and family photos appear on the walls of a staircase. “A realtor knows you’re not just looking for a place to own, you are looking for a place the whole family can make their own,” says the voiceover.

In shorter, single-scene digital spots, an empty kitchen comes to life with food and balloons for an anniversary party, while plants, deck chair and lighting appear on an empty balcony. Each of the ads ends with the words “knowledge,” “dedication” and “expertise” appearing on-screen.

And we quote: “Buying a house is a big decision, especially in Canada’s current housing market conditions. That’s why working with a realtor makes a difference. They understand both the practical side and the emotional side of your search. They know you’re looking for a home.”— Claire Payette, vice-president, marketing and communications, CREA

David Brown