Chefs Plate’s fall campaign makes it look easy

Who: Chefs Plate, with No Fixed Address and V&CO Agency for PR and social.

What: “That’s clever cooking,” a new fall campaign promoting the meal kit service and its ability to help consumers achieve a perfect home-cooked meal in minutes, minus all of the accompanying chores such as meal planning, shopping and prepping.

When & Where: Developed in partnership with Chefs Plate’s in-house creative team, the spots are running on broadcast on the specialty channels CTV Drama, W Network, Food Network and YTV. There is also a national PR and #CookSmarter social campaign developed by V&CO Agency.

Why: The meal kit category exploded into prominence during the pandemic, but it’s also a competitive space that boasts strong national players in HelloFresh and GoodFood. According to a release, the campaign “honours the hack” by presenting Chefs Plate as a product that provides a great shortcut to a home-cooked meal.

How: The TV spot focuses on the ease of using Chefs Plate versus preparing a meal from scratch, with a young Millennial customer quickly and easily turning his weekly food order into a home-cooked meal. The spot showcases all of the hallmarks of Chefs Plate, from its ease and convenience, to its low cost.

The social component from V&CO Agency includes a partnership with Noah Cappe, host of the Food Network shows Carnival Eats and Wall of Chefs, who is sharing some of his “quirky” creations and unconventional cooking methods that cut down on time in the kitchen. Cappe is also making the rounds of regional morning shows, promoting Chefs Plate as one of his favourite meal preparation shortcuts.

And we quote: “We’re showing every day, budget-conscious Canadians they don’t have to cook the hard way. Being able to bypass grocery shopping and recipe planning while being able to serve up a homemade, delicious meal in as little as 15 minutes is a hack to be proud of and our fall campaign is a testament to that.” —Liz Costa, assistant brand manager, Chefs Plate

Chris Powell