Nespresso’s artistic statement about sustainability

Who: Nespresso and creative agency Mint, along with artists Briony Douglas and Pauline Loctin.

What: “Doing is Everything,” in-store art installations intended to make a statement about the coffee brand’s commitment to sustainability.

When & Where: The installations will be displayed at four Nespresso boutiques in Toronto, Laval and Montreal through the fall. No advertising behind this one, but there’s a PR plan and social media to raise awareness.

Why: For a long time, environmental harm was a big concern about single serve coffee makers like Nespresso, with complaints about the massive numbers of coffee pods pouring into landfills.

But Nespresso (which is owned by Nestlé) makes all of its pods with aluminum that can be reused for second-life products, and plans for all of its Vertuo and Original pods to be made from at least 80% recycled aluminum by the end of this year.

The art installations are a way to highlight the company’s commitment to the environment and sustainability through circularity.

How: Each installation is made entirely from re-used materials that will be dismantled and re-used after display. In Toronto, Douglas highlighted the infinite possibilities of aluminum by turning Nespresso capsules into butterflies. “The swarm of butterflies symbolizes resurrection, change, renewal, and hope,” said a Nespresso release.

In Montreal, the art was inspired by the fact coffee grounds can be separated from Nespresso pods and used for high-quality compost. ”Through responsibly sourced paper manipulated and crafted into organic, natural forms, Pauline [Loctin] has created a powerful visual representation of the recycling process.” Nespresso and the artists will be using their own social feeds to raise awareness of the installations starting later this week.

And we quote: “‘Doing is Everything’ means that we at Nespresso believe in making a positive impact through our actions… We are thrilled to collaborate and support local artists like Briony and Pauline to create installations that will not only make an impactful visual moment in our boutiques’ windows, but also represent the importance of having a circular mindset benefiting a more sustainable future.”—Julie Pomerleau, marketing vice-president, Nespresso Canada.

David Brown