BeautiTone reimagines the everyday

Who: Home Hardware (paint brand BeautiTone), with John St. for creative, Frank Content, Kinopravda, School Editing, Alter Ego and TA2 Sound+Music. Media by PHD Canada.

What: “Rethink Colour” (Révélez vos couleurs”), a bilingual campaign promoting the Canadian paint brand, with a stated goal of getting consumers to explore the transformative power of colour by demonstrating how easy it can be change their living space and their mood.

When & Where: The campaign is in market now, running until Nov. 24 across TV, digital and social media, supported by in-store.

Why: The campaign coincides with a new identity for BeautiTone aimed at giving the 40-year-old brand a more contemporary look and feel based around the emotional attributes “lively,” “confident” and “inspirational.” The creative concept is built around inspiring Canadians to push their colour boundaries. It comes when Canadians have spent a year and a half cooped up at home, and might be contemplating updating their decor.

How: The creative shows BeautiTone’s ability to transform the everyday, with commonplace objects all given a new perspective solely through a different application of colour. From a visual standpoint, that means a blue school bus, a yellow picket fence, and a purple swimming pool. Narrated by a young girl, the 30-second anchor spot invites viewers to contemplate colouring outside the lines and transforming the expected into the unexpected.

“‘Rethink Colour’ explores our reliance on default or traditional colours and shows consumers there is no wrong way to use colour,” said Kristi Stemmler, director, content and media at Home Hardware. “The past 18 months have been challenging and many Canadians have spent a great deal of time at home. We were excited to create a campaign that encourages consumers to explore the transformative power of colour by demonstrating just how easy it is to change your space and your mood.”

And we quote: “Now that the BeautiTone brand has evolved to have a more contemporary look and feel, we wanted to create a campaign that grabs the attention and imagination of consumers and inspires them to push their colour boundaries. This new “Rethink Colour” campaign does exactly that.” — Cam Boyd, creative director, John St.

Chris Powell