Clover Leaf says there’s lots you can do with a can of tuna

Who: Clover Leaf, with Giants & Gentlemen for strategy and creative, HeydSaffer and Brave Productions for production, Saints for editing, and Push for media.

What: “Yes you can,” a new campaign that shows millennials and younger consumers that they can do more with a can of Clover Leaf than just make tuna sandwiches.

When & Where: The campaign is in market now. In addition to the TV :30, there are cutdowns for digital as well as multiple digital display assets targeting consumers at different stages of the funnel.

Why: Research showed that canned seafood has a poor reputation among young consumers. Clover Leaf and G&G needed to change that perception by showing them how many easy, delicious and nutritious meals made with Clover Leaf can be. “It’s a new strategy for the brand, and it’s all about demystifying what’s in the can and showing consumers that the usage opportunities are endless,” said Krista Blaylock, business lead at Giants and Gentlemen.

How: The campaign anchor is the 30-second recipe-focused TV spot that presents fancy-looking tuna dishes to young people doing young people things—video games, practicing for band, that thing where they flip over giant tires. In each case, the young person says they can’t make that, before the “yes you can” message appears on screen.

According to the agency, each of the dishes—Niçoise Tuna Pizza, Keto Tuna Tacos, and Salmon-Stuffed Cucumbers—is  the “perfect antidote to the recipe exhaustion people are facing during covid.” The three individuals featured represent commonly expressed challenges about making healthy and tasty meals: They lack the skills, they’re too tired, or they don’t have time.

The new Clover Leaf site includes recipes organized by ingredient, type of meal, occasion and time to table.

For now, the plan is to use “Yes you can” only for this campaign, said Blaylock. “But it certainly has the legs to extend into future work, and eventually turn into the long-term brand platform.”

And we quote: “Ultimately, we wanted to turn a can of seafood into a positive mantra of possibility. We wanted to talk to cooking naysayers—whether they’re lacking confidence in their skills, don’t think they have the time, or think making a delicious, nutritious meal requires extensive effort. None of that should get in the way of your next great meal.”—Natalie Armata, co-founder and CCO, Giants & Gentlemen.

David Brown