DoorDash introduces rib-scented soap for Montana’s promo

After introducing a meatball bath bomb for DoorDash vendor partner East Side Marios earlier this year, Church+State is going back to the soap well for its latest promotion, this time for Montana’s.

To promote the casual dining chain’s Rib Taster Plate promo (a DoorDash exclusive that includes a free taster plate with every Montana’s order over $40), the Toronto agency enlisted Cornwall, Ont.-based soap company Bathintentions to create 200 sparerib-scented soaps. Montana’s is giving away the soaps, along with a $25 gift card, through an Instagram promotion running through Sept. 30.

“We’re really specializing these days in meat-adjacent self-care products,” joked Andrew Parsons, group creative head for Church+State, of the new promotion. “For true rib lovers, there’s nothing more authentic than having a rib-scented soap.”

Rib lovers’ fingers are inevitably sticky and covered in sauce after eating barbecue, said Parsons, yet no true meat enthusiast wants to replace the scent of slow-cooked meat with the smell of moist towelette.

“Getting cleaned up while still having that great Montana’s ribs smell was kind of a no-brainer,” said Parsons. (Ed. note: This meat eater will take the towelette, thanks.)

The agency and Bath Intentions went through about 10 “barbecue-related” soaps before settling on the final product.

The soap giveaway is part of a broader promotional campaign developed by Church+State to promote the casual dining chain’s Rib Taster Plate promo. The agency also created a video spot (below) running across social and TV that shows cowboys (whose bandanas handily serve as masks) delivering Montana’s food to DoorDash customers.

DoorDash, meanwhile, seems to have cornered the market on bath-related promotions. “There are some ideas in the cooker that aren’t self-care related, but they’re definitely open to really fun, zany ideas that get people talking,” said Parsons.

Agency partners on the venture include Airfoil Media, ruckus Digital for PR and influencer, and Wavemaker for media.

Chris Powell