What in the World—Week of October 4

Kanye’s next career move? Tech products
Former presidential candidate Kanye West apparently wants to be a tech tycoon. The hip-hop superstar, and part-time fashion designer for The Gap, has filed a trademark application to create a line of “Donda” technology products. Donda was the name of West’s mother and the title of his recent studio album. First reported by TMZ, West is considering Donda tablets, speakers, smartwatches and glasses, earbuds and headphones. Last month, TMZ also discovered that West’s company, Mascotte Holdings, had filed a trademark to put his name on home products like shower curtains, towels and blankets.

P&G descendants call for more action on the environment
Some of the descendants of P&G founder James Gamble are calling on the packaged goods colossus to do better when it comes to its impact on the environment. Justine Epstein and her brother Jules Feeney both recently spoke with CBS News, and shared a letter they wrote to P&G’s chief executive officer, David Taylor. While saying they are proud of the innovation at P&G, they added that they are “deeply concerned to learn that their production is coming at a terrible price to the planet and its inhabitants.” The letter was signed by 88 descendants from both the Procter and Gamble families, who asked P&G to “take full responsibility to address its impacts on forests, communities, and the climate crisis.”

After announcing closure, embattled Ozy Media will remain open
New York-based Ozy Media will not shut down after all, reversing a decision announced on Friday. “This is our Lazarus moment, if you will,” said CEO Carlos Watson in an appearance on the Today Show on Monday, as reported by Variety. Ozy announced last week that it was winding down after spending a week in the media spotlight over allegations that it had falsified audience metrics and that its COO impersonated a YouTube executive on a conference call with Goldman Sachs, a prospective investor in the company. Watson said on Monday that the company spoke with advertisers, readers/viewers and investors, and determined the business was worth saving after all.

More bad press for Facebook
Facebook is back in damage control mode this week after a former product manager appeared on the CBS show 60 Minutes on Sunday and accused the company of prioritizing profits over safety. Frances Haugen came forward as the whistle-blower who leaked internal documents that led to series of articles in The Wall Street Journal revealing that the company promoted online divisiveness and lied to the public about its success in clamping down on hate speech and disinformation. During the 60 Minutes interview, Haugen said there were internal conflicts at the social media company about what was good for the public and what was good for Facebook. “And Facebook over and over again chose to optimize for its own interests, like making more money,” she said.

Ferrari hires famed Apple designer Jony Ive
Ferrari has hired Apple’s former design head Jony Ive ahead of its push into electric cars. The sports car manufacturer’s parent company, Exor, announced last week that it was entering into a “multi-year collaboration” with LoveFrom, the two-year-old design firm headed by Ive and Marc Newson. Beyond Ferrari, LoveFrom will explore creative projects with Exor “in the business of luxury,” said the announcement.

David Brown