Vodcast #6: Why Nissan made a $280,000 NFT, and Howie’s curious campaign for Staples

During each episode of “The Message in a Vodcast,” we talk about recent stories we think are really cool or kind of weird. And in our opinion, non-fungible tokens are really weird.

So in episode #6 of “The Message in a Vodcast,” David talked a little about why Nissan and Juniper Park\TBWA created an NFT they valued at $280,000—and why it’s actually a pretty clever marketing/earned media play.

Meanwhile Chris shared some thoughts on the new Staples campaign starring Howie Mandel, in which the comedian-turned-actor-turned-reality-TV-figure gives voice to some curious customer questions.

After that, Libby once again tried to stump the guys with a few scary trivia questions (well, not really scary, but they were about Halloween).

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David Brown