Blue Ant Plus gains some influence with new partnership

With influencer marketing continuing to grow in importance for many brands—a trend amplified during the pandemic—Blue Ant Plus has struck a new partnership with The Influence Agency to provide an enhanced influencer offering to brands and agencies.

Blue Ant Plus—a full-service branded content studio within Blue Ant Media—provides creative content production and distribution, while The Influence Agency can connect brands with a wide range of influencers capable of sharing brand messaging in an authentic way.

According to a release, the new offering will allow clients to “move away from the transactional nature of one-off engagements with influencers to a more evolved and sophisticated content-based strategy, combined with standardized pricing and data analytics reporting.”

“Blue Ant Plus’ expertise is rooted in crafting memorable stories through compelling creative content that entertains, educates and empowers,” said Toni Rufo, head of client services, Blue Ant Plus. “Our intent is to work alongside The Influence Agency, who are leading digital marketers and collaborate with globally recognized talent across North America, to help clients create quality content with trusted influencers who share their brand’s voice and values.”

“As many brands begin planning for 2022, a major focus will be understanding how to break through the saturated digital space and connect with consumers in thoughtful and meaningful ways that not only inspire dialogue but create meaningful actions,” said Stephanie Palasti, partner and director of client success, The Influence Agency.

“Today’s consumers are savvy and critical of the content they consume and by who it’s from. We’re excited to be partnering with Blue Ant Plus to execute out-of-the-box campaigns that not only resonate with audiences but send ripples throughout the digital space.”

David Brown