Does a Fido plan work in the woods?

Who: Rogers, with Theo for strategy, creative and media.

What: “At your side,” a new brand campaign for Rogers’ flanker wireless brand, Fido.

When & Where: The campaign debuted Sept. 20, running across TV, online video, print and out-of-home. Rogers also has something extra planned through a partnership with Radio-Canada’s launching Nov. 7, but did not provide details.

Why: “This is primarily an upper-funnel brand awareness campaign; however, we also went a little further down the funnel by establishing a message hierarchy based on the chosen media tactic,” said Nancy Thomas, vice-president, brand at Rogers Communications. TV and billboards are being used for awareness, while transit and online video feature more specific messaging about network quality and five extra hours of data.

The campaign maintains the brand’s “approachable tone and humour in a way that made us regionally relevant,” said Thomas. “As a brand, Fido has always been about putting the customer first, whether it’s providing easy, affordable and value-packed solutions to savvy shoppers, or doing its part for positive social change around us.”

How: The campaign’s anchor piece is a TV spot featuring two friends—accompanied by Fido mascot Jack—encountering a bear outside their cabin (there are both English and French versions of the spot). Rather than panic, the pair pull out their phones and search for ideas about what to do. Though they are deep in bear country, the network is strong enough for them to find multiple possibilities, sharing them back and forth with a humorous exchange of different suggestions.

“It says he should be hibernating,” says one. “Oh, I’ve always wanted to hibernate.” As the pair continue to search for suggestions about what to do, the disinterested bear wonders off. A voiceover promotes data deals and the 4G LTE network, finishing with the brand tagline: “Fido at your side.”

“This new tagline and campaign is actually a reflection of what Fido has long stood for in the market,” said Thomas. “Fido provides easy, affordable and value-packed solutions to our customers… Fido is the ultimate sidekick—always at your side—and this has been part of our DNA since our very first day.”

Anything else? The Fido campaign debuted about the same time Rogers introduced its “Generations Possible campaign,” the first from its new community impact platform. The campaign showcases the possible impact from helping kids reach their full potential through programs like the Ted Rogers Scholarships fund.

A TV spot (see it below) shows kids acting out possible future versions of themselves, while in voiceover a young boy says they might not start their own business, or solve world hunger, save any lives etc. “But I might,” he says to close the ad.

“As kids return to classrooms this fall, we are reminded of the importance of education and the potential that lies within the next generation of kids,” said Thomas when the campaign launched. “This campaign brings that potential to life with big dreams, showing how Canadian kids, including the most vulnerable youth and those from equity-seeking communities, can build a brighter future.”


David Brown