Desjardins created a bouncy ad for its student support programs

Who: Desjardins, with Bleublancrouge for strategy and creative, Les Enfants for production (directed by Ivan Grbovic), MELS for post-production, and original music by Hologramme.

What: “Bounce Back Stronger,” a campaign promoting Desjardins’ programs to support young people, which are intended to give them “a boost of energy and optimism” after a tough year.

When & Where: The campaign is running in Quebec and Ontario. It started in September for back to school, with a media buy targeting students through TV, online, outdoor and social. Desjardins also ran a sponsorship of the TVA dance competition show Révolution.

Why: Desjardins says it spends $50 million a year on programs supporting young people through education, community participation, employment and physical and mental health. Those programs took on new significance this year after more than a year of the pandemic and many months of closed schools.

“Being there for our youth has always been a priority for Desjardins. As they return to school it is important for us to continue our support of their educational growth and help them achieve success,” said Guy Cormier, president and CEO of Desjardins Group, in a September release announcing $2.55 million in donations, grants and scholarships for young people going back to school in still difficult circumstances.

“Canadian students have experienced a disruption to their education due to COVID-19 and face a challenging year ahead. Together, alongside our partners, teachers and community leaders, we can truly make a difference for these young people.”

Along with the funding, Desjardins began the ad campaign to show consumers and young people how it was helping kids “bounce back” from the pandemic.

How: The anchor ad for the campaign doesn’t expressly mention Covid, instead presenting a literal representation of kids bouncing back, thanks to some clever cinematography and work with The 7 Fingers—a creative collective that merges acrobatics, dance, and storytelling.

The spot opens on a student entering a classroom, seemingly walking on the wall. As he steps onto the chalkboard, the perspective shifts to show him on the floor and the students at their desks on the walls. The boy starts to bounce high into the air on the chalkboard / trampoline. “By offering scholarships and various resources, Desjardins helps youth bounce back stronger,” says the voiceover to close the spot.

And we quote: “It was important for us to collaborate with local talent. The 7 Fingers circus arts collective elevated the physical and acrobatic performance to an entirely new level that went hand in hand with the music of Clément Leduc, aka Hologramme, who reworked one of his tracks so that it was an even better fit.” — Sébastien Rivest, executive creative director, Bleublancrouge

David Brown