Vodcast #7: Inclusion problems in Canadian marketing, and some trashy food advertising

Does food advertising make sense on a garbage truck? That’s one of the questions addressed in the latest edition of The Message in a Vodcast, which is live now

We launched the vodcast with our friends at Blue Ant Plus in July, and in each episode David and Chris talk a little bit about an important or interesting recent story they’ve covered, and one that is kind of cool, fun or, well, just kind of weird. And then Libby tries to stump them both with some pop culture trivia.

In this episode David reviews DEI research from the World Federation of Advertisers, which provides new data on the pay gap between men and women, and between white and BIPOC workers. That’s the important stuff. And Chris talks about a clever garbage-truck-based ad campaign from Hellmann’s, which is the fun stuff.

Then we wrap up with Libby stretching the definition of “pop culture” to ask some questions about the global supply chain problems, where David reveals that he knows more than he realized about the cost of shipping freight.

The Message in a Vodcast is only possible thanks to our friends at Blue Ant Plus, the full-service studio, producing branded content entertainment for nationally and globally recognized agencies and clients that is owned and operated by Blue Ant Media.

David Brown