WW International picks Cossette for Canadian creative

WW International, one of the world’s most famous weight loss and wellness brands, has chosen Cossette as its new creative agency of record.

The win comes after a competitive review, and Cossette will work on creative, strategy and production out of its Toronto office, with a national campaign planned for spring. Mindshare remains WW’s mass media buying partner, with an internal team at WW overseeing digital media.

WW has used a mix of U.S. and Canadian creative over the past few years, said Karen Gutteridge, director, brand at WW Canada. “Because we are such strong believers in testing and data, we always test the spots here in Canada. If a U.S. ad tests well and resonates with Canadian consumers, then we leverage it,” she said. “Cossette’s work will be a balance between net-new creative and global/U.S.-led creative that’s adapted for the Canadian market.”

The new agency relationship comes as WW launches its new PersonalPoints program. WW has long used a points system for its members, but said that the new system announced Monday offers more personalization than in the past. “[I]n fact, it’s the first time in the company’s history where no two plans are alike, making it easier for members to achieve their goals and sustain them over time,” it said in a release (see the introduction video below).

“Cossette’s first assignment is to raise awareness for PersonalPoints and put a spotlight on our Canadian member experiences,” said Gutteridge. “We want Canadians to see themselves reflected in our campaigns and understand that they’re not alone on their health and wellness journeys.”

Gutteridge said while WW remains a leader in the healthy lifestyles category, it will undertake an evaluation of the brand’s strength in Canada.

“We are sharing rich data, research and insights with the agency team, so they can dig deep and gain a clear understanding of our brand’s performance,” she said. “Communicating the evolution of a legacy brand requires reflection on where we are, and where we want to be. We need that understanding of our role in the market and within consumers’ lives in order to continue to provide them with support in their health and wellness journeys.”

However, Gutteridge also said that the new work will stay true to WW’s core brand promise of empowering its members to live healthier lives. “Where you can expect to see an evolution is how we represent and celebrate our Canadian members in our advertising efforts,” she said. “Our members will feel seen, empowered and supported.”

“Getting to work with a household name and global leader in wellness is incredibly exciting, especially in light of the pandemic as people become more tuned in to the importance of living healthier and more balanced lifestyles,” said Jaimes Zentil, Cossette executive creative director, in a release. “Working with our integrated teams, we’re going to use the power of WW’s creative potential to meet Canadians where they are on their wellness journeys, and speak to them in a way that both empowers and resonates.”

David Brown