Maltesers’ heartfelt campaign for maternal mental health

—Craig Redmond knows being a new mom is hard. So he appreciates how Maltesers is talking about maternal mental health, with a wink and a smile—

The most hilariously tragic moment in my marriage was without question, the breast pump fiasco. “I FEEL LIKE A DAIRY COW!” my wife screamed in anguished frustration, as we fumbled hopelessly to attach the ridiculous apparatus.

But tears soon gave way to giggles. And giggles opened the floodgates to piddle-worthy fits of uncontrollable laughter.

It was further confirmation that nothing can prepare you for being a parent. No books. No classes. No advice from those who have gone forth and multiplied before you. Nothing.

In fact, I felt so entirely useless as a new father that I decided to document the comedy of errors by making a Christmas video for friends and family. I called it “The Long-Awaited Sequel to Father Knows Best—Daddy Don’t Know Shit About Nuthin.”

But Motherhood?

That’s on a whole other learning curve trajectory. Moms are studying for the PhD of parenting while us dads are flunking in remedial childrearing class.

And that’s what I thought was so smart about this initiative for one of my favourite treats, Maltesers.

A few years ago the Mars brand busted out of the confectionary aisle mindset, breaking down inclusion barriers with ads starring actors with disabilities and using humour to disarm viewers’ prejudiced perceptions.

Earlier this year, Maltesers took on maternal mental health as a new, important cause of choice. And once again used humour to address and diffuse very common, but uncommonly discussed, challenges facing new moms.

Not After that Display

 One Squirt or Two

And now it has aligned with British broadcaster Channel 4 to sponsor the comedy special Late Night Feed. Excerpted below, the show features three comedians opening up about their trials and travails in the first year of motherhood. And the hilarity ensues, drilling right down to their own observations on that notoriously humiliating breast pump contraption. “MILK PARTY TIME! MILK PARTY TIME!”

The special aims to dispel the stigma and shame that wrongfully accompanies struggles with maternal mental health. And money raised in Maltesers’ support of the cause will go to anti-poverty fundraiser Comic Relief.

I guess what I love most of all about Maltesers marketing, the causes it has championed and the awareness raised, is that it’s all been done so authentically, with a genuine wink and a heartfelt smile. Just like the chocolaty, nuggetty little gems themselves, Maltesers’ advertising serves us up a sublimely gentle moment of respite and reflection.

Late Night Feed

Craig Redmond is a Creative Leader with Palmer Stamnes and Co, an independent family of marketing communication companies.