Very Good Butchers says that its plant-based products make good scents

Who: The Very Good Food Company, with OPC for production (Jono Hunter directing), VFX by Tantrum, editing by School, audio by Wave Productions.

What: “Really Meaty. Really Plants,” a campaign supporting the company’s Very Good Butcher’s brand, and its new line of Butcher’s Select products. The sausages, meatballs and burgers offer what the company describes as “an extra meaty taste and texture while using simple ingredients.”

When & Where: The online campaign is in market now in Canada and the U.S., with both 60- and 30-second spots running on the company’s YouTube page, and shorter 15-second versions running on social.

Why: In addition to promoting the new Butcher’s Select product line, the campaign is intended to convey the idea that plant-based proteins don’t reflect skeptics’ perception of the products. In a release, the company said the goal is to provoke viewers into questioning “existing stigmas about plant-based meats,” such as they’re bland and lack texture.

How: Conceived by The Very Good Food Company’s in-house creative director Jon MacArthur, the spots feature an airport security agent—who has a dog’s snout for a nose—being alerted to the smell of “something meaty” wafting from a passenger’s bag. After pulling her inside an interrogation room, she informs them that the “meatball” she’s carrying is actually plant-based. After sniffing out individual ingredients like split peas, navy beans and basil, the agents are sheepishly forced to let the woman go.

And we quote: “Our new ‘Really Meaty. Really Plants’ campaign drives home our mission to offer accessible plant-based options in order to make plant-based eating the norm,” said Mitchell Scott, co-founder and CEO of The Very Good Food Company. “We’re here to disrupt the stigma that a plant-based diet means giving up everything you love about meat. We make our products with whole ingredients that’ll pack just as much of a nutritiously meaty taste as the meat that comes from animals. That’s what our new campaign is all about.”

Chris Powell