Getting to know… Laura Rothstein

Laura Rothstein has joined Mint as CD, joining a creative department that has more than doubled in size this year. Rothstein joins from BBDO, and before that spent time at Publicis SapientNitro, Proximity and Trapeze.

“What we love about Laura beyond her track record for great work is how well she represents Mint’s values,” said executive creative director, Kim Tarlo. “She is a unique talent for us, having a prior life with a MA in pop-culture journalism, as Mint’s focus is to collaborate with brands on their impact in culture”.

We asked if Laura would tell us a bit more about herself as part of our new-ish regular feature Getting to Know…

Here’s what she told us:

About the photo: Taken on location at a shoot this summer—not for mini-Toyotas shockingly. And it captures both my love of camo and my love of posing.

Favourite book of all time and why? I love the photography books by Jamel Shabazz, like Back in the Days. Celebrates a specific time and place, but also kinda timeless. And, it’s the original street photography.

Movie you love that almost nobody else likes? 13th Warrior directed by John McTiernan. It’s a weird one: Vikings + Antonio Banderas = loose retelling of the Beowulf legend. Slightly confusing, but very atmospheric.

Do you have kids: what are their names? I do have kids: The magical Lily and the maniacal Jack. They’re nine and six, and are why the world is wonderful.

Most important person in your life outside work? Glenn of course! My husband. We’re in it together, and ‘it’ is a lot. Partners in crime for sure.

Favourite thing about this industry? Least favourite thing about this industry? Your day job is to be creative and work with creative people—that’s amazing. Less amazing is the industry can be a bit precious about itself and feel a bit exclusive. But shops like Mint are changing that in a significant way.

David Brown