Vodcast #8: Talking about The Mighty Women List (with a special guest)

We’ve shaken things up a bit for our newest episode of The Message in a Vodcast by bringing on a guest to talk about a special new project.

The Mighty Women List will be a celebration of some of the best and coolest women in marketing, media, and advertising.

We’re looking for women doing amazing things at work, but also things that aren’t in the job description. They are bold, brave and determined—mentors and friends, mothers and daughters, colleagues and co-workers, doing all the heavy (unpaid) lifting that so many women do so, often without any credit.

To launch the program, we’ve partnered with the co-founders of Giants & Gentlemen, Alanna Nathanson and Natalie Armata, who had a similar idea to create something new celebrating the industry’s amazing women.

To talk a little bit more about that, we decided to ask Alanna to join us on this episode. We cover most of the details about what this is and when you can nominate someone (not yet). And even though this is a special episode, we still kept Libby’s pop culture trivia to finish the episode—with David and Alanna revealing they know almost nothing about K-pop superstars BTS.

And as ever, we have to thank our friends at Blue Ant Plus, the full-service studio producing branded content entertainment for nationally and globally recognized agencies and clients, that is owned and operated by Blue Ant Media.

David Brown