IKEA Canada can help with setting the table

Unless you’re a domestic doyenne like Martha Stewart, setting a proper table is one of those skills that can be tricky to pull off with panache. Where does the dessert fork go? What about the various serving dishes? And the gravy boat?

Oh sure, you can find the instructions at online sources like EmilyPost.com, but IKEA Canada is offering a less high-falutin’ solution with a new online giveaway through its loyalty program.

Developed by Rethink, “Set-the-tablecloths” appear at first glance to be ordinary run-of-the-mill table coverings, but closer inspection reveals that they subtly incorporate visual cues on where to place the cutlery, serving bowls, plates, etc.

The tablecloths are available in two designs: A deep burgundy tablecloth is for eight, and has instructions on where to place items for a pot-luck dinner, while a  deep green cloth is designed for a formal setting for four, featuring guides right down to the salad fork.

“We know hosting can be stressful. When we have guests over, we want our homes to shine at their best, and most importantly, be welcoming,” said IKEA Canada head of marketing Johanna Andren.

“To take some stress out of hosting, we’re putting our design expertise to work by simplifying a common element of the festivities for our customers and adding a bit of fun to one of the most joyous times of year.”

IKEA is giving away 100 of the limited-edition tablecloths until Dec. 12. The company is also giving away a $500 gift certificate to one grand prize winner, while 100 people in the Greater Toronto Area will be selected at random and able to pick up their tablecloth prize (plus additional hosting tips and inspiration) at IKEA North York on Dec. 18.


Chris Powell