Hershey taps FCB for creative and strategy

Hershey Canada has chosen FCB as its new creative and strategy agency, responsible for masterbrand work as well as campaigns for its Chipits, Reese’s, Oh Henry and Twizzlers brands.

Anomaly had been doing much of the Hershey work in Canada, including a number of standout campaigns for Reese’s (here and here) and Oh Henry (here and here), but in a release Hershey said it has also been building up its in-house agency, snackbar. UM remains Hershey’s media agency in Canada.

“As the marketing landscape changes, Hershey’s marketing operating model has evolved as well,” said the release. “This includes scaling capacity and capabilities for snackbar… as well as using advanced data and analytics to inform their decisions along the entire consumer journey.”

“By unleashing creativity across the consumer journey and incorporating data and the latest technology, together we will create innovative solutions to Hershey’s challenges,” said FCB Canada president Bryan Kane.

FCB will work on creative ideas and strategic direction for the Hershey brands, while snackbar will develop content to extend those creative ideas through the entire path to purchase, said Andrew Mushing, manager of marketing excellence, digital and in-house agency, for Hershey Canada. “This could be anything from organic and paid social to ecommerce, shopper marketing, innovation or packaging.”

Alexia Wharton, Hershey’s head of brand and growth marketing, said they chose FCB because the agency shares its vision for how consumer marketing is changing. “From how we want our work to drive impact in both a cultural and business sense, to what it will take to sustainably build brands in the future,” she said.

FCB has already started working on a new creative masterbrand platform to be released later this year. “Creativity is an economic multiplier, and we’re trying to be creative across every part of consumers’ minds, not only from great awareness and consideration campaigns, but in retail, one-to-one, customer retention, and beyond,” said Kane. “Connecting at every touchpoint will increase consumers’ emotional bonds with Hershey’s brands.”

David Brown