Getting to Know… Kim Joubert

Kim Joubert has rejoined Cossette Media from Bell Media, taking on the role of vice-president of operations in Quebec and East.

She rounds out the agency’s executive team alongside president Axel Dumont; SVP of activation Dominik Majka; SVP of business leadership Nirmala Bahall; SVP of strategy and A&I Kristin Wozniak; GM of Ontario and west Charlaine St-Amant; and VP of operations and finance Sarah Wickers.

Joubert previously spent eight-and-a-half years as senior manager of brand partnership with Bell, leading the strategic and creative process and team operations in Quebec.

The Message wanted to get to know a little bit more about Lauren as part of our “Getting to know…” feature, and here’s what she told us:

About that photo: Fun times with the family at a water slide this summer. We had a blast!

Favourite thing about weekends? I think the thing I love most about weekends is devoting uninterrupted time to my
family. We all work so hard throughout the week, so it’s nice to get to get outdoors, and enjoy a glass of wine (or three) at the end of the day.

Are you a morning person? What time do you set your alarm for? What time do you actually get up? Everyone thinks it’s crazy, but I am most certainly a morning person. Every day, alarm or not, I wake up at 6 a.m., take in the day’s news, give social media a scroll, and get the kids ready for the day.

Do you have kids: what are their names? Yes, my beautiful boys, Leo and Eliot. They’re seven and four, respectively, so they are extremely energetic (yes, let’s call it “energetic”), so working from home has been fun!

Do you have pets: what are their names? Would love to have one some day. However, I have literally no time for pets at the moment.

Favourite thing about this industry? Least favourite thing about this industry? Honestly, I am super passionate about media as a concept—very meta, I know. There are a host of reasons, but mostly because it’s one of the industries that is constantly reinventing itself. Giving us the ability to be hyper-creative and innovative in our work, which is very stimulating.

Chris Powell