lg2, Mondou win Radio-Canada’s Bye Bye 2021

A spot for pet supplies retailer Mondou by lg2 literally licked the competition in the fourth edition of CBC/Radio-Canada’s popular Bye Bye de la pub advertising competition.

More than 92,000 people voted for the 18 spots featured in this year’s telecast, more than double the number who voted last year. Mondou received the most consumer votes, followed by another spot by lg2 for the Quebec Milk Producers (Les Producteurs de lait du Québec), and a Cossette spot for Metro (see the top three ads below).

It was the second straight year in which Mondou and the Quebec Milk Producers finished among the top three in consumer voting. The latter won last year’s contest with an ad that was also created by lg2.

“This year-end advertising extravaganza continues to build momentum, giving the entire industry a chance to celebrate homegrown talent,” said Donald Lizotte, general manager and chief revenue officer, CBC & Radio-Canada Media Solutions. “The relevance and quality of the participating commercials adds to the prestige of the competition and its enjoyment by audiences.”

Directed by Jean-François Asselin, the spot for Mondou opens on a dog vigorously licking itself just prior to a dinner party. When the guests arrive, one drops to the floor and allows the dog to lick his face before going to hug his horrified host, who recoils and offers him her own elbow to bump.

“What a great reward for our teams after these last two years,” said Roxane Lalonde, Mondou’s marketing and digital strategy director. “We are very grateful and very proud, as a Quebec family business, to be able to compete among major national advertisers and to create an evocative campaign that reached so many people in such a short time.”

Bye Bye 2021 was the most-watched show in Quebec TV history according to the Montreal Gazette, citing numbers from ratings service Numeris. Its 4.86 million viewers—which include those who watched a recorded version of the show—eclipsed the 4.66 million who tuned into last year’s show, with the Gazette saying that ratings were helped by the province’s 10 p.m. curfew.

Chris Powell